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Homeopathic Wellness Center is a full service holistic health practice specializing in Classical Homeopathy.

We invite you to learn how classical homeopathy can improve your vital health and well-being.

Allison Maslan Allison Maslan, RSHom(NA), CCH
Nationally Certified Classical Homeopath
Licensed Holistic Health Practitioner
Director of The Homeopathic Wellness Center
Founder, Homeopathic Academy of Southern California

Contact Telephone: 858-794-0787
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What is classical homeopathy?
In the 1700's, a German doctor, Samuel Hahnemann, discovered a different approach to medicine and healing which he called homeopathy (from the Greek words meaning "similar suffering"). It is a natural system of medicine effective in treating many acute and chronic health problems. Homeopathy is based on the pharmacological law called the "Law of Similars" which states that any substance that produces specific symptoms in a healthy person when given full strength will cure a sick person with the same symptoms when given in a very diluted form. For instance, exposure to a raw, cut onion may cause burning, itching lachrymation of the eyes and running of the nose. Homeopathically, Allium cepa, a remedy made from the onion, may be used for hay fever, watery eyes and discharge. Ipecac taken by a healthy person will cause vomiting, but if taken in tiny homeopathic doses will cure vomiting. This is the principle of letting 'likes cure likes'.

In homeopathy, we are treating the whole person: the physical, mental and the emotional aspects of a human being. We know that each person experiences symptoms in their own unique way. For instance, your back pain may be worse at night while lying on the right side causing irritability and night sweats. Someone else's pain may be worse in the morning on waking, making them weepy and thirsty. As a result, if several people come to my office with the same condition, it is most likely that they will need different homeopathic remedies, the back pain will subside along with the irritability and night sweats. In homeopathy, you might say that we are interested in all aspects of your inter-connected big picture.

How does it work?
Homeopathic remedies work by stimulating the patient's innate healing system. Homeopathic Health Practitioners call this the "vital force." The homeopathic remedy acts as a stimulus to move the system to work properly on its own. To provide this stimulus, your homeopath must select the correct remedy and dosage for you. Treatment in homeopathy is individualized and based on the patient's complete mental, emotional and physical picture. Therefore, the whole person is addressed. This picture is then matched with a specific remedy from over 4000 listed in the homeopathic materia medica. As a result, the strength of the potency works to bring a state of balance to the patient and help to release the symptoms from the body.

Who uses homeopathy?
The fact is that homeopathy is widely accepted around the world. Physicians that recommend homeopathic treatment are 39% of the total in France, 20% in Germany, 42% in the United Kingdom, and 45% in the Netherlands. A recent survey by the American Medical Association showed that about 14% of physicians refer patients to Certified Homeopathic Health Practitioners. The oldest, functioning medical society in the USA is the American Institute of Homeopathy, founded in 1843. Homeopathy is effective for children and adults of all ages.

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